by Uvi
December 2009
כיצד נוצרה סדרת הפסלים
From dust you gather me
I beg you on my knee
Look away—imagine me,
The way I used to be
Now shadows spread upon me
Stain by stain
I shiver. Touch me, heal me
Make me whole again
I see him in my mind
He moves, he stirs tonight
But when I come to him,
Our limbs entwined
That arm wraps around me
It holds me and controls me—
Can we take flight?
In darkness take a leap
For trust is blind
Imagine me: I'll lift you,
Caress you and possess you
Imagine us:

In passion and in sweep
Our limbs entwined
Pressed against that ribcage
Where not a breath escapes
Not a sigh of sorrow,
Not a cry of rage
How can I bear his silence
When shadows grow immense—
If shadows peel and lift away
If ever you break free
From my embrace
If you catch sight of me
In light of day—
Go... Leave me here,

My grace,
In my debris—
In my dream I'm soaring
Amidst a flap of wings
My heart so light,
So happy,
Forgetting him, ignoring
That arm 

Wrapped around me,
How heavily it clings
...My spirit crushed and humble
No feeling left, no lust
Abandoned here

To crumble…
Not strong enough to blow
These fading marks

Of footfalls,
Your footfalls, off my dust

I will not let you blur
These traces in my mind
Of the way we were
Our limbs entwined
I miss you, still resist you,
Forgive me, for I must
Gather you so gently

From the dust.

Uvi Art Gallery